• “I’ve been thinking…”

    The present is the fruit of the past, and the seed of the future.


    This statement recognizes that the present is birthed from the past. And while you cannot change the past, you can look at the present seeds you have and decide what you want to plant for the future you desire.

    Your future lies within your faith, your hope, and your willingness to act upon what you believe.

    The choice is up to you.

  • The Resilient Pivot

    As I have travelled, I’ve stood in awe of the spirit and soul of humanity. Despite fear, uncertainty, disappointment, war, and disaster, humanity continues to rise, to re-build, re-construct, re-new and re-bound, with resolve to press forward, while holding onto hope.

    No matter what comes, born of your action, or that of another, you are capable of a resilient pivot.

    Lift up your countenance…you will rise.

  • “I’ve been thinking…”

    Perspective is expansive, yet limiting.

    Perspective is creative, yet destructive.

    Perspective is intangible, yet tangible.

    Perspective is paradoxical.


    How can “perspective” be oxymoronic in its nature and meaning? Because it depends on whose perspective is at issue. A brick mason gives creative and expansive meaning to bricks. Yet, someone hurling bricks through a glass window, gives a destructive meaning.


    Perspective depends on the meaning a person gives it, by thought and action.

    While building a home seems creative, that home could be part of a trend of gentrification, pushing historic residents out of their neighborhoods – which is destructive.


    How one sees the world, is how they live in the world.

  • What Next? The “New”

    As this year progresses, the question of “what next?” has come to the forefront of all levels of human engagement – education, business, medicine, science and technology, arts and entertainment, and religion.


    In the next, we expect something “new”. However, “new” does not necessarily mean something that has never existed before. “New” can be something that was already here, but which one is only experiencing now, for the first time. Seeing “new” in this way, shifted my perspective of what is next.


    Our next will be not only what has never existed, but also what is already here, but not yet discovered by us. The key is determining which “new” you are in, and whether you will be proactive or responsive to the “new”.


    Working with, and through, the shifting dynamics of family, work, community, and politics, can throw off our physical and mental well-being. Yet, despite these tensions, history has shown humanity’s ability to pivot in peril, and rise with  resiliency.

  • “I’ve been thinking…”


    Life is a gift and a trust,

    wrapped in moments and memories,

    secured by the bow of love,

    faith and community,

    received with the hands of gratefulness and


    and displayed in the dignity

    and significance of humanity.