Duplication and distribution would be key.

    We look at Jesus and see that for three years, He created a system of fruitfulness, multiplication, and replenishment in twelve men. Today, His system is still working—still making disciples. Distribution is key, because it allows the product or service to reach beyond local areas and go global. This is the part of business that allows you to make money while you sleep – residual income.

    When we look at replenishing, we also need to look at the element of scale. Scalability means that a business experiences competitive advantage as it grows, in a capable and cost-effective manner.

    The Coca-Cola Company wisely leveraged partnership to expand. They catered to their strength—producing concentrated beverages—and allowed for another company’s strength—bottling—to become a part of the aggregate, which has led them to become the world’s leading supplier of sparkling and still beverages. (Wikipedia)

    For my books and e-commerce businesses, I utilize various platforms that distribute them around the world. The key is to create systems of transport that will work 24/7.

    You’re not finished yet…Replenish!


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