In my last post, I reminded you to wear sunglasses.

    Sunglasses are protective and preventative.

    One might think that sunglasses would obstruct the wearer’s vision. Yet, sunglasses actually provide the wearer with clearer vision by blocking the harmful rays and glare of the sun.

    Why is protecting our vision so important?

    Your vision determines the direction you life will take. Too much of the wrong exposure – sun rays, negative images, and negative thoughts –  can lead not only to loss of eyesight, but also loss of vision.

    Thoughts are mental pictures. What you think in your mind usually happens in time” the thought is father to the deed”.  Or, you may say, “A deed done is a thought conceived.”

    Poets have often referred to the human eyes as “the portals of the soul”. The soul comprises one’s mind, will and emotions. This further supports the importance of protecting what our eyes see. Portals are compared to doors that open and lead. In my new book, “The Calling Card of Business: Success from the Inside Out”, I share a personal story about where I focused my eyes, and how it almost led to physical harm.

    So, be careful of where, to whom, and to what, your path leads.

    If you want to know where your life is headed, take inventory of what you have opened your soul-ish portals to.

    Remember, you can change the direction of where you are going by changing what you allow into your sight and vision…I talk more about this in Chapter 1 of my book…

    A wise sage said, “Write the vision. Make it plain, that [you] may run after reading it.”

    Vision gives passion. Vision gives energy. Vision gives motivation. Vision gives inspiration. Vision gives direction. Vision gives influence.

    Bright Future Ahead! Sunglasses Required!

  • WHO A.R.E. YOU? – Part 2




    In the last post, I spoke about finding your Attributes. These Attributes help to navigate the seas of life. However, in order to reach your destination, you must have a charted path – aka, a Vision. Vision helps to discipline your choices in making the decisions that move you closer to your goals.

    Vision also shapes your relationships, education, and supports your values. Vision is the co-captain of your life ship. You are the captain because you make the final decisions; however, vision assists you in making sure the turns you make still lead you to the destination desired.

    Vision allows you to access your present Reality, and ask the hard questions:

    Where am I?
    Where do I want to go?
    Do I have the Attributes to get me there?
    Do I need to develop these Attributes further?
    Am I making the decisions that take me closer, or drive me farther from my desired destination?


    It is important to answer these questions honestly. This is your life, and you must chart the right course. This is not a dress rehearsal. You have already been prepared (given Attributes) and dressed (Gifts) for the role you will play.

    If you answer these questions, you will have your present Reality…But what does the Future hold?

    Are you wearing your sunglasses? I see a bright future ahead.

    Stay tuned…Part 3 is next…

  • WHO A.R.E. YOU? – Part 1

    In order to live an exceptional life, you have to determine – who you A.R.E.

    What are you Attributes, your present Reality, and your future Expectations.

    Your attributes are intrinsic and learned. Herein lies your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, and your behavior – which comprise your character. When we enter the world, we intrinsically begin to cry out for what we need – to be fed, changed, held. Shortly thereafter, parents and guardians begin “teaching” us “how-to’s” – hold the bottle, say “mama, dada”.

    As we grow older, they teach us our values – “Don’t touch that, Eat your peas, Come here, Share, etc.” Our beliefs are shaped by what we are taught. What we are taught become our beliefs. What we believe become our convictions. Our convictions become our thoughts. Our thought eventually become our actions.

    “Nothing a human has produced or created was without first thought.” – April Ripley

    If we want to change our present Reality  to our future Expectations, the process of determining our Attributes is important. We must establish what we know, what we believe, and what we are convinced of.

    ….Stay tuned for Part 2….