Purpose is the reason for the creation or existence of something; it involves intention. What is it you want to do? Why do you want to do it? If you want to start a business, discovering the purpose of your business will be the foundation upon which the mission stands. Depending on what your business is and in what industry you work, you will operate it in unique ways.

    Planning is essential in fulfilling purpose. Business owners must also look to where they want to go and initiate the appropriate strategies to get there. Given where we are today, with accelerated computing power, artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation, we must ensure that our businesses remain agile and collaborative. We live in the age of collaboration. This collaboration exists not only between mankind and machines, but also between humans and humans.

    Planning is crucial for every human, whether you own a business or work for a company—and even just for you as your own person. Why? Because time and chance happen to us all (Ecclesiastes 9:11). Time progresses for everyone, and chance is the unknown.

    Change is the constant of time and chance. Everything living changes, by nature and design. Some may have the attitude that “Whatever is to be, will be, so why would I plan anything, not knowing what will be?” True. However, it is in that very statement of not knowing that you should plan, because you don’t know. We cannot ignore change. Change is inevitable.


    A wise person plans for the future, because it will come.


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