Vision gives direction for our lives. But vision begins with understanding purpose.

    Purpose is the reason for which something is created or exists.

    Purpose comes through discovery. What is the most asked question in life? Why am I here? Why is a question of purpose. It is the search for origin and meaning – the big idea. All things are created with by ideas. Ideas are thoughts in the mind of the creator or maker of a thing, which produce the thing in order to fulfill a function.

    We look at a car, plane, train and boat. They were all created to meet logistical needs. However, each function differently, according to the need of the transportation in respect to passenger, goods, weight, and distance.

    But, how does one determine their purpose? Look within.

    For myself, I knew I liked meeting people, and learning about new things, writing, ensuring things were executed in a professional manner, traveling, and had a fancy for fine arts. So, as I look back over my life, and at the things I have accomplished so far, I see all of these things in a measure.


    Write down the answers to these questions: What do I love doing? What things do I hate to see, or do? What is my proclivitiy?  What am I able to do with ease?


    This is just the beginning…


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