God commanded mankind to be fruitful. In order to be fruitful, you must be seedful. Being seedful means that within every individual is the potential to grow something, which itself will have more potential to grow, and so on and so on. Before fruit grows, it is hidden in the seed; and once the fruit reaches maturity, the seed is hidden in the fruit. Everything created has within itself the seed to reproduce. This is what science calls the “reproduction cycle”—and all living things have it.

    As a business, what have you produced that will allow you to bring more fruit—more seed? For example, if you bake cookies for family gatherings, can those same cookies be made and sold to others, to stores, or even online? Do you have anything already in you that can produce more fruit?

    I recall my friend Tracye Carter, founder of Tracye’s Culinary Creations and her world-famous Tracye’s Chicken Salad Dressing. Tracye was always one to host dinner parties and insist on preparing everything. The dinner presentations were elegant, but the food was starlit. The dish that became her claim to future fame was her chicken salad.

    Tracye’s consistency in her product and service at dinners and get-togethers led to large catering contracts. I even had her cater my first book launch! She and I met one night for dinner to talk further about the far-reaching potential of her chicken salad. After our conversation, additional business research and counsel, and a leap of faith, her product is now available in all of the Whole Foods Markets in the southeast.

    Tracye started her business with a seed of a skill—culinary skill. She continued to develop it by learning more about food—how to prepare it on a larger scale, how to market it, and more. Was it an easy process? No. Did it cost something to make it happen? Yes, it cost time, energy, some no’s, and even financial investments. However, if you ask Tracye today if it was all worth it, she would tell you yes.

    What seed do you have? What are you doing to make it grow?


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