What Next? The “New”

    As this year progresses, the question of “what next?” has come to the forefront of all levels of human engagement – education, business, medicine, science and technology, arts and entertainment, and religion.


    In the next, we expect something “new”. However, “new” does not necessarily mean something that has never existed before. “New” can be something that was already here, but which one is only experiencing now, for the first time. Seeing “new” in this way, shifted my perspective of what is next.


    Our next will be not only what has never existed, but also what is already here, but not yet discovered by us. The key is determining which “new” you are in, and whether you will be proactive or responsive to the “new”.


    Working with, and through, the shifting dynamics of family, work, community, and politics, can throw off our physical and mental well-being. Yet, despite these tensions, history has shown humanity’s ability to pivot in peril, and rise with  resiliency.


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